WildStar Support


WildStar Free-to-Play is now Live! Welcome to WildStar Reloaded. https://www.wildstar-online.com/en/freetoplay/

We are currently aware of the following issues. We will keep you updated here and on Twitter about these issues:

    As a Signature Player, why am I in a login queue?
    Each realm has a maximum player capacity. Signature Players have higher priority when space is available, however there may still be a waiting period depending on the volume of players attempting to connect.

    I can’t use my Fortune Coins/CREDD/Giftable items/Ncoin.
    First-time NCOIN purchases currently have a 24-hour hold period; we are working to improve messaging.

    Lag/Latency/Loot lag/login issues/missing items/game crashes
    We are aware of the many reports of latency and game crashes occurring since re-launch. The Devs are working around the clock to resolve these issues and stabilize the game worlds. We thank you for sticking with us through this frustrating time.

    Why are my cosmic points fluctuating?
    Thus far all investigations have found the fluctuations to be display errors resulting from server stability issues. Players do have the proper amount of cosmic points and once our servers stabilize your points should settle and provide appropriate access to items.

    Where are my loyalty point rewards?
    Please be aware that you need to have paid for 95% of playtime since launch to qualify for the long term rewards. So far, we have found that people reporting this did not meet the 95% requirement.

    My support attachment was transitioned into a weapon attachment token when free to play went live.
    The Devs are working on a fix that will allow players to turn their weapon attachment tokens back into support attachment tokens.

    Why am I unable to view my guild:
    Players are reporting that they are unable to view their guild or that their guild has been disbanded. The good news is that the guilds appear to be fine, but we are looking into why some players are unable to see their guild.

    The simplified account creation verification link not working:
    Some players are being sent a QA link to verify their email address. If you remove the “qa.” from the start of the link you are sent, the verification link should work. We are working to fix this. KB Article