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Boom-Box FAQ

Below you will find some of the most common questions concerning Boom-Boxes:


I'm unhappy with the item I got out of a Boom-Box, can I get the Boom-Box back, or exchange it for something else?

The contents of Boom-Boxes are randomly generated and can range from anything like Mounts and Mount Customization Sets, to Costumes, Dyes, or Crafting Materials. Not every loot box will be epic, but that's why we gave everyone so many! Please understand that Support is unable to offer Boom-Box prize exchanges or re-rolls. No take backs!

 I opened a Boom-Box but it appears to be empty! Where is my loot?

Each Boom-Box will give you something! Like we explained above, sometimes you will get Crafting Materials, which could go straight to your crafting bag. Please check your crafting bag if you don't see a new item in your inventory.

I received a mount customization item but I don't see it anywhere. Where did it go?

Items that are used for mount customization, or flair, will be found in the Mounts tab of your character window [P]. However, you will only see these items if you have a mount selected that can equip them.

What’s up with the timer? Is that how much time I have left to claim all these Boom-Boxes?

Don't panic! The timer that appears after binding your first Boom-Box indicates when the next Boom-Box can be used, and is not an expiration timer. In other words, your Boom-Boxes will only be consumed when they are used by you, and will not expire. However, you can only claim one Boom-Box every 22 hours. 

By my calculations I should have had more than what you gave me! Give me more now! Please?

The calculations and distributions done by our supercomputers are final. Support cannot override them, or give you more. Don't fret, Boom-Boxes will always be a free gift from us to you. Keep an eye out for announcements of more fantastical giveaways in the future. 

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