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How do I report another player?

So you've found someone breaking the rules. It's unfortunate, but you do have tools available to let the Support Team know.

How do I report a violation?

To report a Violation by another player you can use the command "/ticket" in the chat window. This will bring up the “Submit a Ticket” window. From here select the "Report Player" Category. This will have the Sub-Categories appear, where you can pick the most appropriate reason for the report.

The Sub-Categories:

Offensive language: This would be for reporting a player who is using expletives in an offensive manner, over use of this type of language would be a violation. This should also be used to report players who are spamming chat with non-RMT related text.

Offensive Character Name: This would be for reporting a player's name that seems to be inappropriate

Scam: Use this when a player appears to be posting chat that appears to be an attempt to scam other players out of items or currency

Bot/Cheater: This is for reporting players that appear to be automating game play, or exploiting a bug that gives them an unfair advantage over other players

Harassment: This is for use when players are using chat to directly harass another player with inappropriate chat; i.e. Name calling, sexual harassment, real life threats.

(Note: players who are griefing others in PvP is not considered harassment, if you feel you are being griefed in this manner, we suggest finding a higher level player that might be able to assist with removing the foul scourge.)

Gold Selling: This should be used when you see a player spamming ads for real money trading (RMT)

What happens now?

Once you have selected Report Player and the appropriate Sub-Category, you'll want to give a brief description of the issue you are experiencing. Please be sure to include the name of the character that is being reported in this section of the interface. If you like you may also include the time the incident occurred. If you do, please be sure to include your time zone as you may be in a different time zone than the servers or support.

Once you have completed the above, the "Send Ticket" button will become active. Click this and a report will be sent to us with the details you provided. Once we receive the report we will investigate the issue and send you a reply.

What else can I do?

Also, after your report has been sent, you can use the "Ignore" feature for immediate relief from any harassment you are facing or other language you may perceive as offensive. To do this, right click the player’s name in the chat window and select “Ignore” from the drop down that appears to hide their chat.

Please note that we will be unable to provide details regarding the result of our investigation. However, be assured that if we find a violation has occurred we will apply the appropriate action to the player's account. 

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