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Realm Transfer FAQ

The Realm transfer can only be enacted from the character select screen, so you will have to wait in a queue to enact the transfer if there is one on the source Realm.

You can move any number of characters you want as many times as you want, but each character can only be moved once every 7 days.

  • You cannot have pending mail, auctions, commodity orders, or CREDD
  • You cannot be a leader of a Guild, Arena Team, Circle or Warparty
  • You cannot transfer across regions (i.e. North America to Europe)

Currency Cap for transfers by level:




20 Gold


04 Plat


10 Plat


25 Plat


40 Plat


Note: Your current character name may not be available on your destination transfer realm.

Server Merge note: Currency caps will not affect your character for the SERVER MERGE. You will still retain all currency you have. However, they are in-place if you choose to do a character transfer.

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