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Social Stuff - Episode 1: Guilds

Hey everyone!

I'm going to be putting together a bunch of articles to go over some frequently asked questions about WildStar's social systems. There is no real schedule for these, but I'll be updating them when I can. Super mega thanks to our Social Systems Lead for putting together the answers for these questions!

So, without any further ado:

What is a Guild?

A Guild is a group of players working together under a common banner. They can display their guild name with pride, and work together to accomplish things that would be difficult (or impossible) for one player alone. They also have access to a number of shared resources like a Guild Bank, Repair funds, and unlockable rewards like Flasks.

What is required to start a Guild?

Once your character is level 12, you can start a Guild. It costs 10 Gold to found a guild (so make sure to save up, if you want to start early!), and you need to pay a visit to Guild Registrar Elwick in Thayd (for Exiles) or Guild Registrar Callin in Illium (for the Dominion) to get your virtual papers in order.

How many players can I have in my Guild?

Guilds have a maximum cap of 500 members.

How do I invite people to join my Guild?

To invite other players, you can use chat and type /ginvite <Player Name> . Alternatively, you can right-click their portrait in the UI and select 'Invite to Guild".

What are Guild Ranks?

Guild Ranks allow you to grant your guild members additional privileges and internal titles, to help manage larger guilds.

How many Guild Ranks can I have?

Guilds currently have a maximum of 7 ranks.

Is there a limit of how many players I can have per rank?

There is no limit on how many players you can have per rank, except for the Guild Master rank which can only be held by one player.

How do I set rank permissions? And what do they do?

To set rank permissions, click the "Rank Permissions" button on the bottom-right side of the Guild UI's Roster page. This will open the Rank permissions window, where you can select the rank you would like to edit, or add a new rank.

  • Create and Remove Rank – Allows this rank to create and remove ranks
  • Change Lower Than This Rank’s Permissions – Allows this rank to edit permissions for any rank below it
  • Spend Influence – Allows players at this rank to spend the Guild’s Influence on the perks page
  • Rename Rank – Allows this rank to rename existing ranks
  • Vote – Allows this rank to call for a vote for a new guild master and vote when a guild master vote is called.
  • Change Member Rank – Allows players of this rank to change other guild member ranks (promote or demote)

How does the Guild Tax work?

When Guild Tax is on, 5% of each member's creature drop currency is sent to the Guild Bank. Currency is not taken from the player's Quest rewards or other gains (like selling items to a vendor), just creature kill currency.

How do I leave a guild?

To leave a guild, type /gquit

How do I kick someone out of my Guild?

To kick someone out of your guild, you can type /gkick <Player Name>, or select the player's name in the Guild Roster and click the "Remove" button.

How is a Guild different from a Circle?

Circles can be created at level 1 for free, have a maximum of 100 members, and they lack the perks that a Guild have access to (bank, flasks, etc)

How do I change my displayed Affiliation?

Press the 'P' key to open the player paperdoll window and navigate to the Titles tab. In there, you can use the drop-down to change which affiliation is displayed by your name.

The Titles tab also will allow you to change your Guild Holomarks individually, if you want to tone up (or tone down) your holomark displays.

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