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Responding to tickets via different email addresses

Hey all,

We're seeing an issue come up with people who use multiple email addresses, or have their emails forwarded. The way our account system identifies users is via their email address, and the system expects you to reply via the same email address that the ticket is assigned to.

So if you receive an email at "alternate @gmail.com", but then reply from "main @gmail.com", our system won't process that response (it quarantines it with a message saying "user can only respond to their own tickets") because it thinks a different email means a different person.

Also, some email providers (like Gmail) are designed to ignore periods in the username of an address. So if you submit a ticket via "your.name @gmail.com" and then reply via "yourname @gmail.com" even tho Gmail thinks those are the same email address (and you have control over both of them), our system thinks they are separate email addresses and will quarantine your response.

What this means is that if you are going to respond to a ticket, you need to use the email address that the ticket was originally submitted with. If, in your conversation with our staff, you have an issue that involves another account, please log in to the support site using that other account and submit a new ticket, and just mention the old ticket number in the Description. Don't just reply to the old ticket with a new email address, or it could get lost.


If you submit a ticket with one email address, you have to keep using that email address to respond to that ticket. If you need to use another email address, you'll need to submit another ticket.

When in doubt, just log in to this site and click the link on the "Check My Tickets" link to check and reply to your tickets.

We're sorry about any confusion this might be causing, but this is the best way to keep everyone straight and make sure we can address your issues quickly and accurately.

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