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What do these different Ticket Statuses mean?

Hey all!

So, our support system has a bunch of built-in statuses that help us keep track of what needs to be done to a ticket. Here's a basic rundown, to give you an idea of how we operate:

  • New - A brand new ticket that someone submitted. It hasn't been processed in any way.


  • Open - The most common status. This means that we've received the ticket and our agents are working on it. Any time you (the player) update a ticket, it is returned back to Open.


  • Pending - This one effectively means "waiting for more information from you". If our agents need something else from you before we can help you, they will send you a message and set the ticket to 'Pending' status. Our agents won't be actively checking or updating Pending tickets, but once you respond, the status goes back to Open.
    • One thing to note about Pending: If you don't respond to a request for more information within 2 days, we're going to assume that you've figured out your problem and update the ticket status to 'Solved' (and we'll send you another email to let you know). This doesn't mean that you can't update the ticket anymore, so don't worry (I'll go over in more detail below in the Solved section).


  • On Hold - On Hold is similar to Pending in that the Agent is waiting for more information, but this status specifically means that we're waiting on more information from someone on our side. Whether that's a developer that just needs to answer a question, or maybe someone needs to run some special code to fix something, we will update you when the extra work is done.


  • Answered ( was 'Solved' ) - This status may be a bit misleading. We're not trying to force any sort of "I am telling you your problem is solved so you should go away" down your throats, because that would be mean and also rude. What this status really means is that the Agent working on it has updated it with the best answer they have access to with the amount of information that has been provided in the ticket.
    • If the update the Agent provided does not solve your problem (which is totally possible! Our agents aren't omniscient), feel free to reply to the ticket with any new information you can provide. Even if that information is just "it didn't work", that's a start. As before, any update you make to a ticket will set the status back to Open.


  • Archived ( was 'Closed' ) - Closed means a ticket has been sitting at 'Solved' for long enough that we're moving it into a the archives. Most of the time this means that the issue has been completely resolved. But even in this case, it doesn't mean you can't update the issue if you're still having problems. If you reply to the email, or click the "create a follow-up" link on the Support Site, it will open a new ticket with a reference back to the original issue.


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