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WildStars Currencies

Traveling around Nexus can be a hassle especially when you don’t know how to pay for things. Below is a breakdown of the currencies in WildStar and how to use them.


Currency Type



Basic coin of the realm. Dropped from monsters, quests, and used to interact with the Commodities Exchange and Auction House.


Sold only on the C.R.E.D.D. Exchange for Gold, C.R.E.D.D. when used will give an account one month of Signature service.


Purchased with Real money, Protobuck's can be used to purchase items from the in-game store.


OmniBits are currency that can be earned over time when earning experience on a character. This currency allows dedicated players to purchase most in-game store items without using NCoin.

Service Token

Use Service Tokens to recustomize at the Chop Shop, manage rune slots (reroll and unlock), recover runes, bypass timers for wake here, recall, or rapid transport, and more. This purchase can be spent by any character on your account when claimed. Service Tokens are purchased in the in-game store.

Fortune Coin

Used to try your luck at Madame Fay’s fortunes. Fortune Coins can be purchased at the in-game store.


Gained in veteran dungeons and raids, used to make high level purchases of gear and items.

Elder Gems

Elder Gems are used as are end-game currency. Vital to purchasing special items, AMPs, and ability points to prepare your character to take on Nexus’s toughest bad guys

Crafting Voucher

Gained from Crafting quests. Can be spent on new recipes and helpful crafting items.


Prestige is our PVP currency and can be earned by battle other players in PVP. Prestige can be spent to gain armor and other helpful PVP items.


Gained when grouped with other people, can be spent on social items (like housing) and other useful items.

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