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How to use the Roleplay Text Options

How to use Roleplay Text Options

Carbine Studios has included two features in WildStar Online to aid in-character chat roleplaying. Roleplay Text Visibility allows you to manage the types of chat you see while playing. The RP Chat Tag lets you limit delivery of your RP chat messages to those who have enabled Roleplay Text Visibility.

Enabling Roleplay Text Visibility

Open the System Escape Menu (ESC) and click Chat.  There you will see the setting for Roleplay Text Visibility (see the screenshot below.) You can choose to see All Messages (both non-RP chat and RP chat), RP Only, or the default, No RP. While you can use the RP Chat Tag with No RP selected, you will not be able to see your own RP chat messages!



Using the RP Chat Tag

To send an RP chat message, simply add the {*} tag in front of it.

For example: /say {*}Greetings, traveler.

In this example, the message will *only* appear to nearby users who have enabled Roleplay Text Visibility. The RP Chat Tag can be used in any chat channel, such as /yell, /whisper and /advice.

If you do not wish to type the tag every time, community-made add-ons are available to help you manage your RP chat messaging.

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