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Social Stuff - Episode 5: Chat and Slash Command Basics

Social Stuff - Episode 5: Chat and Slash Command Basics

How do I chat with other players?

To start chatting, move your cursor to the bottom left hand corner of the screen and click next to the chat bubble in the chat window to start typing. (Alternatively hitting the "Enter" on your keyboard will also open up your chat window.)Once you have entered your message, hit the Enter key. This will send a message in the Say channel by default. The Say channel only sends your message to nearby characters. There are several other channels.


How do I change chat channels?

You can change chat channels by typing / followed by the first letter of the channel name (Trade /tr and Account Whisper /aw are the only exceptions). For example, if you wanted to join Say, you would type /s and hit Enter. You can also join a different channel by clicking on the ‘Channel’ button in the upper left hand corner of the chat window. Click on the channel that you want to join, and hit Enter.


What are the different chat channels and what are they used for?

  • Say: /s Used to send messages to nearby characters.
  • Yell: /y Works similar to Say, but broadcasts messages to characters that are farther away in the same zone.
  • Whisper: /w Sends a private message to a player. Type /w and the name of the character that you want to message, followed by the message that you want to send.
  • Party: /p Send a message to members of your group.
  • Emote: /e Creates a custom chat emote based on the player character.
             Example: /e throws a cake would display ‘MyCharacterName throws a cake”
  • Zone: /z Sends a message to friendly players within the same zone ( Northern Wilds, Everstar Grove, Thayd, etc)
  • PvP: /pvp Used to coordinate with friendly players in PvP zones (Battlegrounds, Arenas, Warplots).
  • Trade: /tr Used for bartering and making trades with other players.
  • Instance: /i Send a message to other players in the same Instance (Riot in the Void, Hycrest Insurrection, Skullcano, etc).
  • Advice: /a Use this channel to ask for advice from other players.
  • Account Whisper: /aw Send a message to an account friend. You will need to type /aw followed by your friends account nickname. You can see the account nickname of a an account friend by opening the Social window (default O key) and looking under ‘Friends.’ The account nickname will be under ‘Name.’


How do I setup a new chat tab?

The default chat tab will display messages from all chat channels, so it can be difficult to read messages if there is a lot of player activity. You can setup new chat tabs to only display certain chat channels. For example, you can setup a chat tab to only display Whispers.

  1. Click on the + button in the chat window to add a new chat tab, then click on ‘Chat’under ‘Add Tab.’
  2. A new chat tab will appear. Enter the name of your chat tab. If you’re setting up a separate tab for whispers only, you may want to name the tab ‘Whispers.’
  3. By default, all Chat channels are selected when you create a new Chat tab. Click on the bubble next to each channel name to remove that channel from the chat tab.
  4. Click on the button to the left of the + button to toggle the tab options on and off. You can change the tab options at any time.
  5. To remove a chat tab, select the tab that you want to remove then click on the – button.



What are emotes and how do I use them?

Emotes are used to portray different emotions and actions with your character. Some emotes have an animation that is associated with them, while others just display a line of text in the chat window. Click on the smiley face icon in the lower left hand corner of the chat window to use an emote.


What are slash commands?

There are several commands that have different in-game functions. In order to use a command, simply type / in the chat dialog box, followed by the command and hit the Enter key. For example, if you wanted to display your character’s current location you would type this: /loc

Certain commands require entering additional parameters. In order to create a custom chat channel, you would need to type /chjoin, the channel name, and the channel password (if desired). If a command requires additional parameters, it will be listed in brackets after the command. Leave out the brackets when entering the command in-game.

  • Channel Ban: /ban <custom channel ID> <character name> Bans player from a custom player channel.
  • Join Channel: /chjoin <channel name> <password> Creates/joins a custom player channel. A password is optional in channel setup.
  • Create Password: /chpassword <custom channel ID> <password> Adds a password to a previously created Custom Player Channel.
  • Location: /loc Displays the current location and copies it.
  • Follow: /follow Follow another character
  • Leave Channel: /chleave <custom channel ID> Leave a custom player channel.
  • Stuck: /stuck Gives options player the option to resurrect or use last bind point.
  • Bug: /bug Opens UI so you can report a bug to the development team.
  • Suggest: /suggest Opens UI that allows you to make suggestions on the game.
  • Auto Execute: /autoexec Running this command allows you to execute a series of commands in a .txt file.
  • Group Invite: /ginvite <character name> Sends invites players to a guild if the inviting player is in a guild and has the appropriate rank permissions to do so.
  • Set Marker: /setmarker [1-8] Sets a target symbol for the party/raid to the symbol corresponding to the number used.
  • Go To: /pgoto Takes you to the party leader if in the same zone but different instance ID. 
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