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Two-Step Verification FAQ

What is WildStar Two-Step Verification?

Two-Step Verification is a system that requires you to prove your identity when logging into the game, in addition to inputting your normal account name and password. This is done using an app that you install on a mobile device. Apple® iOS, and Google® Android are both supported. The app provides a special code that you are asked to enter after inputting your account name and password. This code is unique to your account and changes every 30 seconds. Whether you’re playing at home or from a public location, this extra layer of security will help keep your account safe by requiring mobile verification in addition to your regular log-in credentials.

Common Issues/Errors Setting up Two-Step Verification

Please see the following page for more information on common issues and errors when setting up Two-Step Verification: https://wildstar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204680655-Two-Step-Verification-Common-Issues-Errors

Does the NC Account use Two-Step Verification for additional security?

No, the NC Account system is protected by an IP-Verification process separate from the Two-Step Verification system. Each time the NC Account is accessed by a new IP Address, the account owner will need to verify the IP address via an automated email sent to the email address linked to the NC Account.

What third party Two-Step Verification programs does Wildstar support?

Currently, we only support the use of the Google Two-Step Verification app, which can be obtained from iTunes® or the Google Store®. However, you can read about the other unsupported option via the following link:


How do I set up or remove Two-Step Verification for my Wildstar account and what are the Rewards?

Please click on the link posted below to read the official support article for setting up Two-Step Verification for Wildstar accounts and what rewards you’ll receive for setting up:


I’m getting a new smartphone/tablet. Do I need to do anything with my Two-Step Verification before switching phones?

Yes, begin by deactivating Two-Step Verification via the Account Security section of Account Management. Once this is completed, simply follow the original procedure to link your account to the new device.

I got a new phone and forgot to deactivate Two-Step Verification from the old phone.

If you no longer have your verification code and need your 2FA removed, you will need to contact Support. To do so, click the Submit a Ticket button and select the Login/Password issues from the list.

Will changing the email address on my NC Account deactivate the Two-Step Verification on my Wildstar account?

No, changing the email address of your NC Account will not deactivate the Two-Step Verification protection on your Wildstar account. The game account is still listed as protected in our database. Only deactivating Two-Step Verification on the game account will deactivate that Two-Step Verification protection.

The Wildstar Support Team will need to help you. Please submit a request to our Support Team for further assistance and include as much information as possible from the below list:

New Ticket Submission

For the promptest resolution to the issue, please always include the following information:

• What first and last name did you use when you created the NC Account?
• What physical address did you use when you created the NC Account?
• What date of birth did you use when you created the NC Account?
• List all possible emails that you would have used on the NC Account.
• List all 20- or 25-digit serial codes for any games you added to the NC Account.




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