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I'm getting an error saying "cannot connect to NCSOFT login services"...

If you are seeing the message "Cannot connect to NCSOFT login services", you may be having an issue with a locked port. Also, please make sure you are using your full email address as your 'username' when logging in. It should look like this: USERNAME123 @GMAIL.COM not just USERNAME123.

If that doesn't help, The most common cause of this issue is simply having a blocked port due to a firewall, security software or lack of router based port-forwarding. To resolve this, please use the website http://www.portforward.com/ to manually check the following ports which are required to be opened and accessible.

WildStar requires TCP ports 23115 and 24000-24999 be fully unrestricted and accessible, both inbound and outbound, and port 6600 outbound. If you are connecting to WildStar while on a campus, military, or business network, please check with your network's administrator to verify that these ports are fully opened and unrestricted. If you are on a home Local Area Network (LAN), you will want to make sure that your network's hardware is properly configured.

You should be able to find out information about your router by reviewing your owner's manual or by visiting the manufacturer's website. Here are website links for several network hardware manufacturers:

For further information about opening ports or port forwarding, you can visit the following website: http://www.portforward.com/. This site is not affiliated with or supported by NCSOFT or Carbine Studios.

You may also have to configure your Antivirus and/or firewall software.  This software plays an important role in your computer security. They help protect your computer from viruses, malware and spyware infections. However, when protecting your computer, they can prevent legitimate programs or games from installing, updating or running. Disabling or temporarily uninstalling your security software can help resolve these conflicts.

Note: Some security programs will continue to partially run even when disabled. They may require full uninstallation or reconfiguration to resolve. ESET maintains a comprehensive list of common antivirus uninstallation tools on their website (http://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN146).

If you are not comfortable configuring or uninstalling your security software, please contact your security software's technical support department for assistance. They may also be able to help you configure their product to not interfere with future game installation and patching.

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