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Receiving Error: “The code you purchased is for a different region than your game account.”

This error means that you are trying to use a guest pass or free trial that does not match the region you live in. For example, you may be trying to use a North American code in Europe or vice versa. Currently, WildStar Guest Passes and WildStar Free Trial Keys are the only codes that are region locked in this way. You cannot use a guest pass code or free trial key that is not the same region of your current location. The Development Teams are working to change the way guest passes and free trials work as soon as possible. They are working on the resolution now, but we do not have an ETA on when this change will go live.  We will update this Knowledge Base article when the fix has been implemented. Please keep an eye on this KB for updates.

Unfortunately, if you are getting this error when trying to use your guest pass or free trial, WildStar Support cannot correct this issue for you. You must wait for the Development Team to implement the fix mentioned above or find a guest pass or free trial associated with the region you are located in. We know that many want to play on the opposite region than you live in, and that is still possible. After creating the account with a correct region guest pass code or free trial key, Support can then help you play on your preferred region but we cannot provide replacement guest pass codes or free trial keys.

NOTE: General WildStar full retail codes are NOT region locked as guest passes and free trials are, and you can use an EU code in a North American region or vice versa. If you’re getting this error when trying to apply a full retail WildStar code (not a guest pass/free trial), please contact WildStar Support so that we may review the issue.  

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