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How do I change or update my Signature subscription payment info?

In order to change or update the Signature subscription payment info that your WildStar account is currently billing to, you can modify your subscription through your NC Account. This process will make you choose a subscription plan again, but you will not get billed immediately if you have current game time on your account. You can use this process to change from one credit card to a different credit card, credit card to PayPal®, PayPal to credit card, or simply change your current payment plan (1-month, 3-month, 6-month, 12-month) to something different while keeping the same payment information.

1.  Log into your NC Account

2. Click the Manage Signature button next to your WildStar account under the My Account Settings

NOTE: If you do not have a button that says “Manage Signature” and it instead says “Add Siganture”, this means you are not currently on an active subscription plan. Please use these instructions to reactivate if you wish to add game time to your account instead: How do I activate/reactivate my game account?

3.  Click the MODIFY button under the WildStar tab

4.  Select the Signature subscription plan you'd like your account to be placed on

5.  Select your method of payment and click CONTINUE

6.  Enter your Billing Information, check the Auto-Renewal Plan Terms and click CONTINUE (remember, you will not be billed if you have remaining game time on your WildStar account)

You're all set! If you ever want to change your renewal plan and/or payment method, you can follow these steps again!


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