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I think I was billed more than once for my subscription.

When you subscribe to WildStar or even cancel/reactivate, you get two automatically generated confirmation e-mails for the same order:

Thank you for your purchase from the NCSOFT Store (Order #1234567890)

Your order fulfillment is complete (Order #1234567890)

Both of these e-mails are for the same order and do not mean you were billed twice.

Additionally, we know that the e-mail titled "Your order fulfillment is complete (Order #1234567890)" also mentions "If the order was placed with a credit card, that credit card has now been charged." however, if you have already been billed once, you will not be billed again. The recurring subscriptions cannot stack on each other. You will only get billed again on your next bill date. We are working to change the wording in that auto-generated e-mail.

Any time you cancel and reactivate, you will receive these e-mails as confirmation of any change you made. If you cancel/reactivate multiple times in a day, you will get the e-mails each time with different order numbers and this is intended. You can confirm that you were not billed multiple times by looking at your credit/debit card online account or PayPal® account.

If you do see multiple pending charges in your accounts, please contact the WildStar Payment Support Team and we can look into it.

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