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INVASION Nexus : Part I - Bind on Pickup Item Swap / Red vs Blue / Contract System

Bind on Pickup Item Swap

Introduced in WildStar latest patch, “Invasion”, items that drop in party or raid that are Bind on Pickup are now able to be traded (to those players who are eligible)  for up to two hours. This should allow players to recover from possible mistakes and not feel rushed to give out dropped gear.



Q: What makes another player eligible for the item trade?
A: To trade the item to another player they must have qualified for the loot rolls.

Q: Is the two hour time limit in-game time or real time?
A: The limit is real time, two hours after a character receives an item it can be traded to another eligible player.

Q: Can I trade the item more than once during the timer?
A: Yes, as long as you take no actions that would cause the timer to go away.

Q: What can cause the timer to go away?
A: Letting the time run out, salvaging the item, putting runes into an item, selling an item will all remove the timer and cause the item to be completely bound to your character.

Q: Can I trade the item to another character on my account or my friend who wasn’t on at the time?
A: No. Only those players present when the item drops are eligible to have the item traded to them.

Q: Can Customer Support help if a mistake is still made?
A: Customer Support will investigate any request made, please be aware that with the inclusion of the BOP swap, they are limited in the help they can provide once an item is bound to a player.


Red vs Blue

Red vs Blue will introduce same-faction PvP and allow teams of Exiles to fight Exiles (and Dominion to tangle with Dominion) - rather than defaulting to Dominion vs. Exile.


Q: How does it work?
A: The PvP queues will attempt to start matches as normal. If there are not enough players from the other faction to start a match, the queue will check if another group from the same faction is available. In this case a Red vs. Blue match would start.

Q: Where can I join?
A: Access to Red vs. Blue is the same as normal PvP. There is no player-facing change to the queue for this system.

Q: Where can I get rewards?
A: Rewards should are the same for PvP whether you are fighting the opposite realm or in a Red vs. Blue match.


Contract System

Contracts are bite-sized, repeatable elder-game (i.e., level-50) content that can be completed in a relatively short time as you work towards obtaining excellent loot. The contracts system enables players to make steady progress towards powerful gear.


Q: Where can I get Contracts?
A: Contracts may be picked up at contract boards in each capital city.

Q: Can I have more than 1 Contract at a time?
A: Yes, every day, players will see five new contracts and can choose three at a time. PvP and PvE contracts count separately, so you can have three PvP contracts and three PvE Contracts at once.

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