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Path Basics

Everyone picks one path when they create their character.  Unlike race or class, this is a choice about how you like to play MMOs.


Soldier: Soldiers tackle combat-heavy missions, gaining access to special weaponry and objectives as they fight across Nexus. Often battling waves of enemies, Soldiers will use every tool at their disposal to hack and slash their way to victory!

Settler: The Settler’s mission is to tame the wilds of planet Nexus, collecting resources to construct beneficial improvements for the community at large. Bravely facing the dangers of an alien planet for the greater good. Settlers are sure to earn adoration of their companions as they adventure across Nexus.

Scientist: The Scientist has come to Nexus to study its exotic flora, dangerous fauna, and ancient technology. Utilizing an upgradeable Scanbot to scan creatures and uncover lore, the Scientist is living proof that knowledge is power!

Explorer: The wild frontiers are the perfect place for an Explorer. Often traveling to the most dangerous places on Nexus, Explorers claim territory for their faction by finding hidden paths, exploring secret caves, and climbing the tallest mountains!

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Path Costume Pieces: Level Guide for Path Rewards

We've noticed some of you brave adventurers have been so busy leveling and enjoying yourselves, that you've accidentally sold or discarded your Path rewards. While Support is able to offer limited restorations for those who've already breezed by their rewards, we wanted to share some information to try and help prevent everyone from missing out on, or accidentally selling, this awesome stuff in the future.

While Path Rewards give you a variety of items that vary by Path, one thing that will always be consistent across all Paths are the Path specific costume pieces.

Below is a quick guide for what portion of your Path costume you will get at what Path level:

Path Level 6: Headpiece
Path Level 9: Boots
Path Level 13: Pants
Path Level 16: Gloves
Path Level 19: Shirt
Path Level 21: Shoulders

Another easy way to recognize your Path costume pieces will be in the item name. For example, Scientist's items will have Scientist in the title (like Scientist's Lab Goggles or Lab Coat), and Settler, Explorer, or Soldier items will have their respective Path types in the item titles.

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