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The Public Test Realm!

In order to test out our bigger content drops, we opened up a new server to test on called Nexus or Public Test Realm (PTR for short). Here are a few things that you should know about the PTR:

  • The PTR is located in the Dallas Data Center
  • As long as you have an Active WildStar subscription (NA or EU) you will be able to access the PTR.
    • Note: This required the team perform magical technical manipulations to make this possible.
  • “Boost” NPC’s will be available in Nexus that will level you up and give you gear.

  • We are planning on leaving the PTR up and available 24/7, with downtime as necessary (similar to any other Realm). Should this change, an announcement will be made.
    • Do note that you shouldn’t approach this server as a new “home” for an ongoing basis as we might have to take this Realm down at a moment’s notice for updates.
    • Please consider the PTR a place to visit and check out some new exciting content, not live.
    • Character wipes may be needed on the PTR from time to time and your progress on this Realm may be lost, this is a fair warning!
    • In-game localizations may not always be ready on day 1 of a new drop, but we'll work to make it available as fast as we can.
  • Finally, the Team truly appreciates your early participation in finding and submitting any issues or bugs with new content you find while on Nexus. Thank you!


Also, please note that because the PTR is a testing realm, the Support team will not be able to help with any item restorations, bugs, lost progress, stray Rowsdowers, or anything else. If you're having trouble on the PTR, the best thing you can do is submit a /bug and move on.

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