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Social Stuff - Episode 2: Circles

What is a Circle?

Circles are a feature of WildStar that behave similarly to Guilds, but are designed primarily around allowing the social aspects of allowing players to keep in touch through chat.

How do I Join a Circle?

To join an existing Circle, you would need an invite from a current member. Accept the invite and you are in!

If you have someone trying to send you an invite, but you are unable to see it, you may have invites filtered. To accept the invite, go to your Options menu by pressing Esc, then select Interface. There you will see an option called Filter Invites. Make sure that box is unchecked, and then you can receive new invites.

How is a Circle different from a Guild?

Guilds have a maximum of 500 players, display a Holomark, and have access to a Guild Bank, and unlockable Perks using Influence. You must also be level 12 and spend 10 Gold on forming a Guild.

Circles can be formed for free at level 1, but have a maximum of 100 players, and no Guild Bank or Perks or Holomarks.

How do I start a Circle?

To hit a Circle, press 'O' to open the Social window and click the Circles tab. Click the button that says 'Create a New Circle', give it a name, and hit 'Create'.

How do I invite people to a Circle?

To invite people, on the Circle tab of the Social window, click the Circle you want to invite players to. Then click the 'Add Member' button and type in their name to invite them.

How do I leave a Circle?

Leaving a circle is also on the Circles tab of the Social window (default hotkey - 'O'). Select the Circle you wish to leave, and click the "Leave" button.

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