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How do I Delete a Character?

How do I Delete a Character?


Maybe you liked the character when you first made it, but now, not so much. Maybe you created the character then realized that you misspelled the name, or chose the wrong Path. Whatever the reason, you don't want the character now and you want to delete it.


  1. To delete your character, first select it in your character list.
  2. Under your list of characters is a button labelled Delete with a trashcan icon. Click it.
  3. The screen will change to reveal the "Delete Character?" window. This is a good time to make sure you've selected the right character for deletion.
  4. Where indicated, type in the name of the character you are deleting. This field is case sensitive, so be sure to type it just as you did when you created it.
  5. When you've typed the name, click the Delete button.
  6. You'll see the character digitize and vanish. You are done!


WARNING! The deletion process is meant to be permanent. If you realize after the fact that you want the character back, restoration may not be possible.

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