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Is WildStar region-locked?

WildStar codes are region-specific. The region you purchase WildStar in determines which servers you have access to (North America or Europe). WildStar does not support cross-region play. To clarify, if you purchase a North American code, you will have access to the North American servers only, regardless of where you are. The same applies to European codes. If you purchase a European code, you will have access to the European servers only, regardless of where you are. 

If you are in a different country than another who you wish to play WildStar with, both of you must purchase the same type of code (North American or European) so that you will have access to the same servers.

UPDATE: Because of the way our sales site is currently set, you cannot manually choose a code from a different region. To get a code from a different territory, you must locate a retailer in that region and purchase from them. Don’t forget to check if the retailer can ship it to your location.

If you happen to get a retail code (a pre-order or pre-purchase) with a different region as your existing beta-only account and cannot upgrade (you get the “Code Unusable” error), please Submit a Ticket and we will look into the issue for you.

Unfortunately we cannot change the territory or region of the pre-order or pre-purchase code you buy. Once an account is created or upgraded with a pre-order or pre-purchase code, that account region is locked. 

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