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Two-Step Verification Common Issues/Errors


Two-Step Verification Has Stopped Working

Two-Step Verification relies on your device being properly synced to the current time in your location. Please try syncing your device according.

If you are using an Android smartphone, please make sure the Google Authenticator is properly synced. The link below goes to an official Google webpage with instructions on how to do it:


For iOS devices, please go to General > Date & Time

Please make sure “Set Automatically” is selected and the Time Zone matches your current location. Whenever possible, please try to use a Wi-Fi connection when collecting a verification code for login.

“Invalid Account Name or Password” Error

For reasons we cannot see, the special login code generated is still not synced to the proper time of the device’s location.

The Wildstar Support Team will need to help you. Please submit a request to our Support Team for further assistance and include as much information as possible from the below list:

New Ticket Submission

For the promptest resolution of the issue, please always include the following information:

• What first and last name did you use when you created the NC Account?
• What physical address did you use when you created the NC Account?
• What date of birth did you use when you created the NC Account?
• List all possible emails that you would have used on the NC Account.
• List all 20- or 25-digit serial codes for any games you added to the NC Account.

Deleted Google Authenticator App on Device before deactivating on WildStar Account

Each time you set up a new Two-Step Verification account a unique code is generated for that instance on the app. So each time you set up a new account on the app, even with the same email address, a new code is generated.

Since the old account was not properly deactivated before the app was deleted, the Wildstar account is still attached to the old instance of the Two-Step Verification account you initially set up. The codes generated for the new instance of the account do not match the codes for the initial account.

To unlink your authenticator from your account, please follow the instructions found HERE

I deactivated Two-Step Verification on my Wildstar Account and lost my Two-Step Verification rewards. How do I get them back?

Re-activate Two-Step Verification on your Wildstar account.


I lost my phone and cannot deactivate the Two-Step Verification.

If you want to unlink your authenticator but no longer have access to your mobile device and do not have the CODE, you can now unlink your authenticator without having to contact support. To do this, please follow the steps found HERE

New Ticket Submission

For more frequently asked questions about Two-Step Verification visit:


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