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How do I change my region?

WildStar codes are region-specific which means you can only play WildStar on the region (North America or Europe) where you purchased Wildstar from. If you try and log into a region you do not have access to, you will receive the folllowng error (or similar):

WildStar does not support cross-region play. To clarify, if you purchase a North American code, you will have access to the North American servers only, regardless of where you are. The same applies to European codes. If you purchase a European code, you will have access to the European servers only.

Below are instructions on how to manually change the region your launcher connects to. Please bear in mind that this will not change the region you CAN connect to (this is set by the region where you bought the game), it only tells the launcher to try and connect to a different region if it was set incorrectly in the first place.

• Open up and patch your client.
• Click the Gear in the top right corner of your patcher.


• Change your game region to North America or Europe


• Click Accept at the bottom

• Enjoy WildStar!

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