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Failed to Connect to Patch Server/Patch Failed

If you’re seeing the ‘Patch Failed’ error message or the "Failed to Connect to Patch Server," this is usually do to a lack of permissions or a conflicting background application such as security software. Please try the following suggestions in order to resolve this issue:


Please simply right-click WildStar.exe or your WildStar shortcut and select “Run as Admin.”

You may also want to consider Creating a New User Account.

Disabling Background Processes

It’s possible that another application could be interfering with the client and preventing you from installing/updating. The easiest way to rule out a conflicting application is to disable your background Startup processes.

To do this, you can use a Windows® command called MSCONFIG

Firewall/Security Software

Lastly, if that doesn't help, another possible cause of this issue is simply due to a firewall or security software conflicting with the game client/launcher. If you're unsure of how to configure or disable your security software, we highly advise you get in contact with the security software manufacturer for further assistance.

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