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How do I install the WildStar client?

How do I install the WildStar client?

So you’ve made it this far, have you? Well, it’s time to get down to brass tacks and prepare for installation. First, are you a DVD installer or a digital installer?

 (NOTE: You will want to be sure that you have created a WildStar account prior to installing the client. You can do so by following the steps here)

DVD Installer (installing from the DVD)

1. First, pop the WildStar installation DVD 1 into your DVD drive.


2. Click ‘Install.’


3. Next, you will be given the option to choose your preferred Language settings as well as the game client installation location (multiple languages can also be installed). Read through the WILDSTAR® USER AGREEMENT and if you accept and agree to these terms and conditions click the 'I Accept' option in order to continue.

4. Click ‘Accept' to start the installation.

5. If you are on Windows Vista, 7, or 8, you should see a UAC (User Account Control) message appear. Click ‘Yes’ to continue.

6. WildStar should now begin copying the files over from the DVD. When installing from the installation discs, keep in mind that the installer will also be updating/patching while installing from the Internet so this will affect bandwidth usage.


7. When prompted, eject DVD 1, insert DVD 2. The client should automatically detect the new DVD and continue the installation.

8. When prompted, rinse and repeat for disc 3.

9. Once patching completes, you should have the option to click ‘Play’ and you’re good to go!

IMPORTANT: If you have not already set up a WildStar account and applied your serial code, you will not be able to log in. In order to create a WildStar account, please follow the steps in the KB article listed here.


Digital Installer (installing from the web)


1. Log into your account at the WildStar Account Management site at https://secure.wildstar-online.com/cgi-bin/plaync_login.pl

2. Under ‘Account Summary’ click ‘Download Game.’

  • If you are using Internet Explorer, please select “Save.” Do not select “Run.”
  • If you are using Google Chrome, Wildstar.exe will appear in your Downloads folder after clicking Download. Please do not select “Run.”
  • If you are using Mozilla Firefox, please select “Save File.

3.  Once the download completes you should be good to go!

If you choose, you can download the game client here before purchasing the game: http://wildstar.patcher.ncsoft.com/Wildstar.exe.

Please keep in mind, if you download the client from the link above, you will still be required to apply a retail copy of the game to your account before you can login and play.

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