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I am missing my characters

We have been receiving multiple requests for character investigations with so many players coming back to WildStar. We have found no issues of characters missing since we went Free to play but there may be other factions. Please see below before putting a support ticket.

  1. Make sure to check both realms (PvE & PvP) to confirm whether your characters are missing or just located on a different realm. You can switch realms manually from the character selection screen. At the top center of the window, you will see your current realm and a ""Change"" button. When you go to the “Change Your Realm” screen click on the “All” button to see a list of available realms. Please note that you have to select and enter the realm before you can see your characters.
  2. Check if you are connecting to the appropriate region. You can change the region of your client by going to the options menu of the WildStar Launcher and selecting the appropriate region.
  3. If you have multiple WildStar accounts, please make sure that you are using the correct WildStar account. Please try all possible game accounts that you may have used to access WildStar.
  4. It may be that your characters are missing due to the MegaServer Update. As part of this update, all characters that were level 3 and below were purged from the system. For more information regarding the MegaServer Update, check out the following link: http://www.wildstar-online.com/en/news/2014-10-15-the-megaservers-are-live
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