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INVASION Nexus : Part II - Holo-Wardrobe / Companion Pets / Toys


The Holo-Wardrobe is an updated version of the costume system that allows all your characters to have access to your costume pieces. Players no longer have to visit the Stylist to modify their costumes.


Q: Where can you find the Holo-Wardrobe?
A: The Holo-Wardrobe can be found in the interface Menu List.

Q: How do I add new costumes pieces?
A: In the Holo-Wardrobe press the “Import Items” button. A new window opens that shows you armor pieces that you can add to your wardrobe. Each item does have a small unlock cost.


Companion Pets

In INVASION: Nexus, we’re bringing in 54 companion pets for you to collect. Keep in mind that these companion pets are purely cosmetic in nature and provide no stat-based benefits, nor will they fight for you - though there's clearly a serious intimidation factor when you roll up with a vicious celery sproutling at your side.


Q: Can I have more than one Companion pet?
A: Once obtained, you can summon your pets whenever you like. You can learn to summon as many pets as you find, but you can only have one pet summoned at a time.

Q: How can I get a Companion pet?
A: You could earn them from shiphands, some dungeons feature companion pets as drops, various types of vendors outright sell them, or they could even just appear as loot from random enemies.



Toys are items that can be activated to affect the player or the world around them.  Examples could be changing your appearance, adding a visual effect, or spawning a unit nearby.

Toys may be obtained as loot from random enemies.

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