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How do I become a Free Player?

To become a Free Player, you will need to register for a WildStar account. This only requires an e-mail address and a password. Once you have created the account, all that’s left is to download the client and create your first character!


Will a credit card be needed to play?

No. Account holders will only need a credit card when signing-up for the optional Signature service, purchasing C.R.E.D.D., or purchasing Protobucks, the currency used to make optional a la carte purchases for a variety of in-game items and services across all NCSOFT products.


How does a Free account convert to a Signature account?

Details: http://www.wildstar-online.com/en/news/2015-05-28-wildstar-is-going-free-to-play-heres-all-you-need-to-know/

Signature service can be acquired through the game or the website, depending on whether or not there is saved payment information on the account and Two-Step Verification enabled.

If an account does not have a saved payment information, Signature service can be acquired through the account management section of the WildStar website.

If an account does have a stored payment method but does not have Two-Step Verification enabled, Signature service can only be acquired through the website.

If an account does have both a stored payment method, and Two-Step Verification has been enabled, Signature service is acquired through either the in-game store or the website.

Note: At this time, PayPal payment methods cannot be used in order to purchase items or sign-up for signature while inside the game.


What will happen to low level characters still on the Arkship during transition?

Due to changes that are being implemented for WildStar’s tutorial experience, accounts will face deletion of characters that are between levels 1 and 3 and reside on the Arkship tutorial zones. If there is a characters between levels 1 and 3 on the Arkship that players want to keep through the transition, those account holders need to move those characters off the Arkship before the transition occurs.


Will the introduction of the Free-to-Play option mean an increase in spam and other disruptive behavior?

While there may be some small increase due to the addition of many new players, we are implementing systems that will place throttles on this type of behavior. This will allow us to let Free players make use of features like Chat, Mail and Player-to-Player Trade that are typically restricted in other Free-to-Play titles.


Can I buy the game online? How much will it cost?

As noted previously, the game will be made available for download at no cost. However, you may still be able to find boxed copies in stores or on the Internet. These copies of the game will vary in cost depending on the seller, but the keys within will continue to offer the same promotion bonuses they do today. The 30 days of game time granted by the boxed copies will translate into 30 days of Signature status.


Will Game Time Codes still be available to buy once WildStar goes Free-to-Play?

After WildStar goes Free-to-Play, digital Game Time Codes will no longer be available for purchase on the NCStore. Unused digital codes may still be redeemed. Physical cards for Game Time Codes will still be available, for a limited time, across various retailers.


What happens to my account if my recurring payment expires?

If you cancel your account’s recurring payment method for Signature service, or your recurring payment expires due to a payment method issue, then you will not be billed for the next billable window of Signature service. If your account still has Signature time remaining from your last completed payment, the account will retain the Signature service until the expiration date. After this, if no recurring payment is added, the account will revert to Free service access and the Signature bonuses will be removed.

This only affects your access to Signature service bonuses, however. Everything else you may have acquired through optional a la carte purchases through the website or in-game store will remain available to your account. No matter what your service level is, you will always have access to everything you have bought for as long as WildStar is in operation, as well as any bonuses earned through the Loyalty Program.


Will I still be able to buy game time for my account with C.R.E.D.D.?

C.R.E.D.D. will now be used to acquire 30 days of Signature service, rather than 30 days of game time/realm access. You will also still be able to exchange C.R.E.D.D. for in-game gold at the C.R.E.D.D. exchange NPCs on Nexus.


What happens if I decide to change from being a Signature player to a Free player?

If you want to stop using Signature service, simply cancel your recurring payment plan. Your Signature service access will remain active until the current window expires, at which point your account will automatically revert to Free service access. As noted above, this only affects your access to the bonuses provided by Signature. Any and all items bought a la carte will remain available, as well as any bonuses earned through the Loyalty Program.


How many active characters can I have on my account?

The answer to this is dependent on the way you created your account:

  • All accounts created using keys from a physical box, or with keys available from the website before the transition, will be grandfathered to support 12 characters per realm. This is true of box keys even after the transition.
  • All accounts created after the transition without applying a key from a box or digital copy of WildStar will support 2 characters per realm by default. This is true for both Free and Signature service levels. Character slots are always an a la carte purchase.

What languages are supported?

WildStar supports English, French and German languages.

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