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Cosmic Points and Rewards

Cosmic Points are WildStar’s reward system. You earn Cosmic points by making real money purchases on WildStar, spending Protobuck's in the in-game store, redeeming CREDD for signature time, and/or enrolling in a Signature plan. As you acquire more points you gain access to new rewards. Below you can find some of the most common items and their Cosmic Point value and the rewards that are currently offered. If you would like to read more about Cosmic rewards you can find the Article here.

Below is an example of the Cosmic Points you can gain.


Purchase Cosmic Point Value
WildStar Deluxe Edition


WildStar Standard Edition 12000
WildStar Deluxe Upgrade 3000
Character Rename 4000
Paid Realm Transfer 4000
Game Time Cards  1800-6000 (Depending on the amount of time purchased)
Protobucks bundles 200-4800 (Depending on the amount of Protobucks purchased)
C.R.E.D.D. Purchase 4000
C.R.E.D.D. Redemption 1000
In-Game Store Purchase (With Protobuck) 2 Cosmic Points for every 1 Protobuck spent

Enrolling in a Signature plan will also award you cosmic points (delivered on purchase and then each time the plan is renewed). Additionally, enrolling in a multi-month plan will award bonus Cosmic points.


Signature Plan Cosmic Point Value
1-month Signature Plan 3000
3-month Signature Plan 9000 + 600 Bonus
6-month Signature Plan 18000 + 2400 Bonus
12-month Signature Plan 36000 + 9600 Bonus



Cosmic Tiers

Each tier has a different total and the total continue to get larger for each tier you go up.


A standard key (12,000 cosmic points)will get you into Tier 3 with 3000 points.

To check what items you have received you can check all tiers by clicking the down arrow button on the left.


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