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Account Item Gifting


Players are in WildStar are able to purchase items from our store and “Gift” them to other players.


Qualifications for gifting:

The items must be purchased with Protobuck's and not omnibits and you must have Two-Step Verification on your account.

The player you wish to give the item to must also be on your friends list.


Is there a time limit on gifted account items?

Yes. There is a 7 day timer on all gifted items. Don’t worry though, the gifting player can always gift you the item back again.


Does WildStar Support Account gifted items trades for in game currency?

 Currently we do not. There is no mechanism in game for players to gift an account item safely for currency. Since we are not able to support it, WildStar is not responsible for any currency or items lost during these player transactions.


Can I gift items purchased with Omnibits?

No, only items purchased with Protobuck's or real currency can be gifted.

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