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I have found a player botting!

How do I report a bot?

As with many free-to-play games, WildStar has its share of players who wish to engage in unfair practices such as automated gameplay. This behavior is prohibited and our teams at NCSOFT and Carbine are always working to eliminate such behaviors. We’ve even created a feature so that you can help!


Right-click report

WildStar’s character context menu has an option to quickly submit a report. Just target a player who is engaging in prohibited behavior, right-click their portrait and choose Report Player.


This allows you to quickly report them for Botting, Spam or Cheating. Choosing Other opens the /ticket window, which takes a bit longer. Would you like to know more about submitting a ticket?


This feature doesn’t result in instantaneous action; Support reviews the reports and carries out further investigation. We hope you’ll seize the opportunity to use this feature, as peer review is an important part of our efforts to focus on the most undesirable behaviors impacting our community. Report Player gives you the opportunity to help us continue our fight against botting and inappropriate activities.



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